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While the Empire Room was the notable entertainment hub of the Statler Hilton, casual restaurants rounded out the hotel’s dining offerings. Lesser known was the Statler Steak House, a restaurant featuring steaks, specialties, and various drink options. The original menu provides a glimpse of some of the offerings in 1965, including the Statler Mile High Ice Cream Pie! Some of the items probably wouldn’t make the cut today. Click to enlarge.




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  • This menu brings forward many old question I’ve had about why menu items I once knew have vanished by today. I have spoken to professional butchers as well as restaurateurs, and I have yet to clearly understand what a club steak was, or why it’s gone.

    This menu doesn’t offer the customer any weights or measures. Two line items for “new york cut” and “strip sirloin steak” are the same thing in my era. They offer a T-bone, and a Filet Mignon, but no rib eye? OF course there’s prime rib up at the top, but that’s a roast rather than steak.

    By this time drinks have not turned into evil ticket stuffers, the way they are used today. I haven’t thought of a cup of Sanka since I was a little kid, and I’ve never heard of Postum. Liver and Onions is almost extinct except for Luby’s, and Chicken Cordon Bleu is likewise not offered in many places.

    But, to this day, I’d love to know what a club steak was, and why cows quit making them. Maybe they are a victim of unions?

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